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Cuscinetto Plus+


Plus, the Italian design co

Our project Bearing Plus+ synthesizes a co design that aims for innovation and a new frontier of efficiency of the mechanical parts intended for integrated bearing and water pump systems throughout the automotive industry.

In perfect synergy

the bearing Plus+ integrates already during the design phase with the aim of redefining standards and goals, becoming a unique and precious element for each customer. From the earliest stages of conception, throughout product development, defining a winning idea is in fact closely related to our expertise.
Our team of dedicated research and development tackles shared every step of the way to find new solutions needed to optimize and integrate mechanical parts, thus giving life to new exclusive customized systems for each engine application.  IMI experts develop projects to the company that commissioned the inquiry, their participation is active at all stages of the development process, from the initial requirements definition and exploration of innovative new frontiers to brainstorm ideas, actual product development.

With the use of 3D technology until FEM Finished Elements Method, we are able to simulate and analyze the response to the demands of each component before making prototypes. Finally, all products are sampled in IMI, rehearsal room in endurance tests/fatigue loads and temperatures to simulate the actual conditions of use.
From design through simulation and stress analysis, analyzing every single part of the project, we reach the objectives setting a new standard for engineering purposes.